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    You can selectively control the number of metrics reported by individual Machine agents (including Server Visibility agents). Rather than have all agents report all the metrics all the time, you can configure individual agents to collect


    • The DevOps team for a large enterprise monitors its IT infrastructure using Standalone Machine Agents (1,000-plus agents monitoring servers in hundreds of locations). All agents are initially set to KPI mode. 
    • One agent reports a lot of disk read/write operations (KPI metric) on critical-server-A.
    • Set the agent DMM on critical-server-A to Diagnostic.
    • Monitor the amount of data read and written for the entire disk and for each partition (Diagnostic metrics) on critical-server-A.
    • If the Diagnostic metrics do not indicate the source of the problem, and further investigation is needed, set the agent DMM to Advanced Diagnostic.
    • Monitor average queue times and read/write times for each partition (Advanced Diagnostic metrics) on critical-server-A.
    • When advanced diagnostics are no longer required on critical-server-A, set the agent DMM back to KPI.