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    By default, the Standalone Machine Agent (Machine Agent) reports reports metrics for network-mounted and local disks only. Also, only the external network traffic is aggregated (to ensure backward compatibility with previous versions of AppDynamics).


    1. Locate and edit the task-template.xml file. 
      This file is located in the <machine_agent_home>/monitors/JavaHardwareMonitor/ directory when the Machine Agent starts the first time.
    2. Modify the task-template.xml file as follows:

      • To enable aggregation operation for localhost (lo) network metrics, change the value of the aggregate attribute (for the network element "lo") to "true".
      • To enable monitoring for a virtual disk, set the value of the enabled attribute to "true" for that disk.

      A sample task-template.xml file is shown here:

      Code Block
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">sunrpc</disk>
          <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/sdb1</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">proc</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">none</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">devpts</disk>
          <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/sda1</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">nfsd</disk>
          <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/mapper/saas4-binlog</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">sysfs</disk>
          <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">tmpfs</disk>
          <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">lo</network>
          <network aggregate="true" enabled="false">sit0</network>
          <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">eth0:1</network>
          <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">eth0</network>
          <network aggregate="true" enabled="false">eth1</network>
    3. Rename the task-template.xml file to task.xml or it will be overwritten by the Standalone Machine Agent. 

    4. To monitor a special device that is not enabled, add a file named "task.xml" in the <machine_agent_home>/monitors/JavaHardwareMonitor/ directory.
      The format of the task.xml file must be exactly the same format as the task-template.xml file. 
      Not all disks and networks have to be listed in task.xml. If the Machine Agent finds a disk or a network that is not listed in task.xml, default properties are applied.

    5. Restart the Machine Agent.