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The Analytics Agent is not required to capture Transaction Analytics. This topic discusses the requirements to use this "agentless" configuration of Analytics. 

In this context, "agentless" refers to the configuration of Transaction Analytics without an Analytics Agent. An app server agent, such as the Java Agent, is still required to use this feature.

Agentless Analytics Overview


titleKnown Issues - Transaction Analytics without an Analytics Agent (Agentless Analytics)

If you upgrade to Java Agent version 4.5.15 and later and currently use Transaction Analytics, Agentless Analytics is automatically enabled. You may notice unusual behavior related to two known issues:

  • High CPU usage
  • Blocked firewall requests

See Troubleshooting Analytics Issues for more information on these issues.


Make sure you meet the following minimum requirements:


The table below provides a summary of agentless Analytics support:

Minimum Controller VersionMinimum Java Agent VersionAgentless Analytics Support available
4.5.17Supports proxy authentication with encrypted credentials license rules configured in the Java Agent