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Comment: DOCS-4681, added instructions to identify and internal events service endpoint


You can retrieve Transaction Analytics data through Java Agent versions 4.5.16 and later without the need for a dedicated Analytics Agent. In this deployment model, the Java Agent communicates with the Events Service directly. For most deployments, this communication occurs automatically as long as you have the correct agent version. See the appropriate documentation to ensure your deployment can connect to the Events Service:

Identify Internal Events Service Endpoints 

AppDynamics uses connection URLs to connect the Events Service to the Controller and app agents. The URL used for the Controller-Events Service connection may be different than the URL used for the app agent-Events Service connection. For example, SaaS deployments use internal URLs for the Controller-Events Service connection. 

If your deployment uses different URLs for each connection, you need to provide the Controller-Events Service URL as an administrator property. This allows your app agent to find the Events Service endpoint. 

To connect the app agent to an internal Events Service URL:

  1. Log in to the administration console: 
    http:<controller-hostname>:8080/controller/admin.jsp or https:<controller-hostname>:45/controller/admin.jsp
  2. On the Controller Settings page, navigate to the analytics.agentless.event.service.url property and input your Controller-Events Service endpoint. 
  3. Press Save
Connection Ports

For SaaS-based installations, the connection between the Java Agent and the Events Service in the cloud takes place over ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS). For on-premises installations, the port on which the Events Service receives data from the Java Agent is configured during installation.