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AppDynamics IoT Monitoring enables you to track and understand the transactions of your IoT applications. Because IoT devices are diverse, both in terms of the platforms they use and their business function, AppDynamics has developed a REST API in addition to language SDKs to provide the maximum flexibility for reporting IoT data. This API can be used from any device that supports HTTPS and is connected to the Internet.

IoT Monitoring requires application developers to instrument their code. To make this process easier, AppDynamics has developed C/C++ and Java SDKs, so that developers using the platforms supporting these languages can leverage the features of the SDK instead of using the REST API. The IoT SDKs  use the REST APIs to report IoT Data to the EUM Server , where the data is aggregated and made available to the AppDynamics Controller and the Events Service as shown in the diagram below.

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Benefits of IoT Monitoring