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    To prevent the possibility of a boundless expansion of service endpoints, the Controller and agent configurations apply the following limits:


    ElementLimitFor more information
    Application Agent25 service endpoints per entry point typeSee max-service-end-points-per-entry-point-type on App Agent Node Properties Reference.
    Java Agent40 asynchronous worker thread service endpoints

    See max-service-end-points-per-async-type on App Agent Node Properties Reference.


    Node100 service endpointsSee max-service-end-points-per-node on App Agent Node Properties Reference.
    Controller account4000 service endpointsFor an on-prem Controller, the limit is configurable using the sep.ADD.registration.limit configuration property accessible in the Administration Console.
    Execution thread1 endpointSee max-service-end-points-per-thread on App Agent Node Properties Reference.

    Service Endpoint Metrics

    Service endpoint metrics appear under Service Endpoints in the metric browser. Service endpoint metrics are subject to the same operations as other metrics, including those around metric registration, metric rollups for tiers, and limits on the number of metrics. Custom metrics are not available for service endpoints.