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Customer Interaction Center Match Rule

 As of release 4.5.1908 a specialized rule for Customer Interaction Center (CIC0) is available for SAP IS-U systems. It's an extension for SAPGUI match rules, which allows to split the CIC0 transaction into business transactions based on individual IS-U front-office processes

When monitoring the Customer Interaction Center only using SAPGUI match rules, all business transactions are shows as CIC0. Therefore a further splitting is needed. 

This type of match rule is only enabled when running the ABAP agent on an IS-U system. 

To match individual front-office processes, fill the selection of the most critical process you need to monitor.


Customer Interaction Center Splitting


On SAP HANA systems, HANA expensive statements are collected when SQL trace cannot be started. The additional checkbox, Always use HANA expensive statements, is available for SAP HANA systems that, when enabled, omits SQL trace completely. HANA expensive statements must be enabled and a meaningful threshold must be set in t-code DB02.
Custom actions functionality can be globally enabled or disabled with the corresponding checkbox.