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  • The Classes/Methods browser lets you search for classes. You can right-click a class or method in the result to set the class and method match criteria for the POJO. You can also view method invocations for a selected method.
  • Method Invocations lets you inspect live data from the server for the specified method. Expand a method invocation to see detailed information including invoked objects, parameters, and return values. Right-click on a data point to use it in transaction splitting. AppDynamics automatically creates a splitting rule following the get<field>() syntax. If your code follows another convention, you need to manually specify the getter method for the data point. You can also copy a getter chain to the clipboard.
    The example below shows the data for a method Order.setQuantity():

In live preview mode, the number of methods and classes that can be returned by an agent are now limit-bounded. The limits are:

  • Maximum number of classes: 1000
  • Maximum number of methods: 300

Servlet Match Rule Tools

When you use Live Preview to inspect data for a servlet custom match rule, AppDynamics shows live HTTP Requests that meet the rule criteria. You can click an individual Request URL to view detailed request data: headers, cookies, and parameters.