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Before you upgrade or install the platform, perform the following tasks:

  • Choose your appropriate Enterprise Console install or upgrade path.
  • Review the requirements for the components you plan to install, and prepare the host machines. The requirements vary based on on the components you deploy and the size of your deployment.
  • Download the Enterprise Console and start your platform installation.
  • Verify that a user account with write permissions for the installation directory you want to use exists. Install all components with the same user or a user with equivalent permissions.

You can refer to the child pages for the platform requirements and quick start guides that are meant to provide high-level overviews of the installation and upgrade process for the AppDynamics Platform. The guides include links to more detailed information for tasks.deployment guides.

Choose How You Want to Install

The deployment option you choose to follow should be based on the components of the AppDynamics platform that you want to deploy. Deployment options that include the Controller and Events Service installations require the Enterprise Console, while the EUM Server installation requires the use of package installers.


  • Install or upgrade an HA pair on Windows.
  • Install or upgrade an Events Service on Windows that runs on a multiple hosts as a cluster.
  • Install the EUM Server.

Installation and Upgrade Quick Starts

Based on how you deploy and what components of the AppDynamics you deploy, there are different installation and upgrade steps to follow.

New Installations Quick Start

This installation path describes the use of the Enterprise Console to install the Controller and Events Service. The EUM Server must be installed separately as it cannot be installed using the Enterprise Console.


For a more detailed description of this path, see Platform Installation Quick Start.

Upgrade Quick Start

This is the upgrade path to follow using the Enterprise Console and EUM package installer:

  1. Install the Enterprise Console.
  2. Discover and upgrade an existing Events Service with the Enterprise Console.
  3. Upgrade the Production EUM Server with the package installer.

For a more detailed description of this path, see Discovery and Upgrade Quick Start

Download the Software

To use the Enterprise Console to install the AppDynamics Platform, you need to download the Enterprise Console installer and, if needed, the EUM Server package installer.