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  • Browsers download the JavaScript Agent extension. On the Internet, it is available from cdn.appdynamics.com.
  • The JavaScript Agent sends its data from the browser to the EUM Cloud. On the Internet, the browser sends its beacons to col.eum-appdynamics.com (USNorth America) or fra-col.eum-appdynamics.com (Europe).
  • The EUM Cloud sends analytics data to the Events Service. On the Internet, the EUM Cloud sends its data to analytics.api.appdynamics.com:443 (USNorth America) or fra-ana-api.saas.appdynamics.com:443 (Europe).

  • The Controller fetches data from the EUM Cloud. On the Internet, the Controller fetches data from api.eum-appdynamics.com:443 (USNorth America) or fra-api.eum-appdynamics.com:443 (Europe).
  • The Controller queries the Events Service. On the Internet, the Controller queries analytics.api.appdynamics.com:443 (USNorth America) or fra-ana-api.saas.appdynamics.com:443 (Europe).