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  • Click on items in the flow map to see key performance indicators in an informational popup. For some components of the flow map, like tiers, the popup displays additional details.
  • Change the Time Range setting to have the flow map represent the activity of the system within the selected time frame.  
  • For SaaS Controllers, note that the flow maps show a maximum of the last 60 minutes of data, even if the time range in the UI is set to a greater range. This only applies to flow maps; the data in other graphs on the dashboard represent the selected time range.
  • Click Legend to learn more about how flow maps represent data.

  • Rename applications, tiers, nodes, or backends using the Actions > <Edit Properties> option on the appropriate Application, TierNodeRemote Services and Database dashboard. To use the Actions option, right-click on any application, node, or tier, and choose View. When the specific dashboard appears, choose the appropriate option from the Actions drop-down menu, which will appear on the far right of the screen.


    Note that if you change the name of an application, you will also need to change it in the agent configuration at controller-info.xml. If you do not change the controller-info.xml application name field, agents will re-create the old application name and report to the old application.


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  • Drag and drop items to rearrange the flow map layout or use automatic arrangement options using the controls at the top right of the flow map: 
    Use the controls to view the mapped components as a list, auto arrange the flow map (in which components are arranged for the fewest crossing flows), maximize the view, and more.