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  1. Get the account key for your Controller: 

    1. From the Controller UI, open the License page and click the Accounts tab.
    2. Click the link to show the key. 
  2. From the application server machine, get the Universal Agent distribution. You can use the following cURL command to get the Universal Agent from the Controller repository.
    Replace the controller user, account, password, Controller host address and port with values for your system. The user should be an account in the Controller UI that has Universal Agent administration permissions. Replace account_access_key with your own key.

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    curl -u '<controller-user>@<controller-account>:<controller-password>' -X POST -d 'action=downloadAgent&agentVersion=' -o ua4.3.0.0.zip 'http://<controller_host>:<primaryport>/controller/FileDownloadServlet';
    mkdir ua_install;
    unzip ua4.3.0.0.zip -d ua_install/;
    sudo ./ua_install/ua4.3.0.0/bin/install.sh --account_access_key <account_access_key>

    By default, the script installs the agent in /opt/appdynamics/universal-agent/. You can change that using the -target argument, but the steps (below) for creating your rulebooks assume the default installation location, /opt