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This page contains information to help you estimate the hardware requirements for a remote Analytics Agent deployment where a single Analytics Agent is aggregating transaction events from multiple APM Application Agents. This guide covers transaction analytics only. There are two basic issues regarding sending analytics data to a remote analytics agentAnalytics Agent

  • How many APM agents can report to one remote analytics agentAnalytics Agent?
  • What are the machine requirements for hosting the remote analytics agentAnalytics Agent?


Don't extract the numbers in this guide to sizing for Log Analytics because the Analytics Agent must be installed on the local machine to capture Log Analytics. 


Based on our testing, the volume of events being sent to the analytics agent is Analytics Agent is the limiting factor in determining how many APM agents can report to one remote analytics agentAnalytics Agent.

 The tests were conducted on virtual hardware and programmatically generated work load. Real world work loads may vary. To best estimate your hardware sizing requirements, carefully consider the traffic patterns in your application and test in a test environment that closely resembles your production application and user activity.