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  • The agent goes into standby mode during which it does not detect any transactions.
  • Any collected snapshots and events are dropped and lost. Snapshots and events are dropped because they consume too much memory to cache.
  • All metrics that have not been posted to the Controller are stored in memory. The memory impact of retaining metrics is minimal. 
  • New business transaction registrations that have not been posted to the Controller are stored in memory.
  • The agent attempts to connect to the Controller every minute, and resumes normal activity when it can download its full configuration.


If the connection is later successful and the agent and agent is able to download its full configuration and a license:

  • All periodic metrics, such as JMX metrics and Windows performance counters for the last three minutes, are posted to the Controller. The Controller drops metrics that were collected too long ago in the past, such as when rollups are already completed.
  • The agent is reactivated, business transaction interceptors are re-enabled, business transactions are monitored and possibly snapshotted, new business transactions will be discovered and registered, and downstream correlation is re-enabled.