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Comment: docs-4505; updated details about error detection tab


You can view or modify error detection configuration in the the Error Detection tab under Configuration > Instrumentation. Tabs take  tab. In the Controller UI, open an application and navigate to Configuration > Instrumentation > Error Detection

The Error Detection tab takes you to the configurable options for each programming language or platform. Note that some settings You configure settings individually for each language or platform. Some settings are platform-specific. For example, such as custom loggers or and error detection using redirect pages , which are available for Java and .NET only. Configuration changes made in the Error Detection tab apply to all business transactions for the selected application. You cannot make changes to individual transactions.   

To prevent a transaction from being marked as an error transactions in AppDynamics, clear the marking transactions as errors, uncheck the Mark Business Transaction as error check box for each applicable language or platform. If clearunchecked, the transaction does transactions are not add added to the error count metric and is are considered in other metrics, such as response time, despite the occurrence of the error. 

Define a Custom Logger

For Java and .NET, you can supplement the methods that AppDynamics considers error methods from common error handling frameworks with your own, custom-defined error methods. When the application invokes the method in a business transaction, AppDynamics considers the transaction to be an error transaction for metric purposes.