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  1. Authenticate to the AppDynamics domain and store the resulting session ID in a file. For example:
    curl -L -c cookies.txt -d 'username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>' https://login.appdynamics.com/sso/login/
  2. View the latest version of each available product by getting the following URL: https://download.appdynamics.com/download/downloadfilelatest/
    curl https://download.appdynamics.com/download/downloadfilelatest/
  3. Inspect the response (or parse via script) to find the "download_path" of the latest version of the product in which you are interested. 
  4. Get the download as follows. Pass the session information (stored in cookies.txt, in the example) and replace <URL_TO_FILE> with the appropriate download_path value in your request:
    curl -L -O -b cookies.txt <URL_TO_FILE>


You can use checksum validation and, for certain packages, a digital signature to validate software you download from the AppDynamics Download Center.

These steps require the machine on which you validate a package to include a TLS 1.2 implementation.

Checksum Validation

Click the Checksums link beneath a software package on the AppDynamics Download Center to display the package's MD5 checksum and its SHA256 checksum. After your download completes, run a checksum tool and compare the results against against the checksum information from the download center.