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Product FeatureComponents Involved
Application Performance Management App Server Agents attach to monitored applications and send data to the  Controller via connection A.
Server Visibility Machine Agents reside on monitored servers and report data to the 7 Controller via connection A.
Application AnalyticsThe Analytics Dynamic Service (formerly called the Analytics plugin) on the App Server agent communicates with a local Analytics Agent instance. One or more Analytics Agents in a deployment send data to the Events Service via connection B. The Analytics Agent is bundled with the Machine Agent but can be installed and run individually as well.
Database VisibilityThe  Database Agent connects by JDBC to monitored databases. The agent sends data to the 7Controller (via connection A), which uses the 8Events Service to store certain types of data.
End User MonitoringFor an on-premises EUM installation, you configure a connection to the web and mobile real user monitoring agents to the on-premises 9 EUM Server via connection C. The EUM Server sends data to the 8 Events Service cluster via connection FImage Removed GImage Added. The optional Custom EUM Geo Server stores EUM Geo Resolution data taken via connection .