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To install the script on an on-premise premises controller:

  1. At the top level of the Controller installation directory, create a directory named "custom" with a sub-directory named "actions".

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  2. In the <controller_home>/custom/actions directory, create a subdirectory for each custom action script that you will install. For example, for an action that interfaces with a JIRA system.

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  3. Move the script to the appropriate subdirectory that you created in step 2.


  1. Create a custom.xml file that describes the location and name of your custom action script. See Contents of the custom.xml File.
  2. For an on-premise premises Controller, move the file to the <controller_home>/custom/actions directory. For a SaaS Controller, contact your AppDynamics sales representative for instructions.

Verify on the Script on an on-


premises Controller

  1. After you have installed the script and the custom.xml file, restart the Controller.
  2. Verify the script manually. To verify the script:
     a. Open a command-line console on the Controller host machine.
     b. Execute the script file from the command line console.