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  • Date Format: By default, the format is MM/DD/YY (for example, 09/25/14). Choose an alternate format from the drop-down menu.
  • Use 24 hour Time Format: Enable this option if you want the UI to represent time in 24-hour time format instead of 12 hour clock format.  
  • Enable Help Pop-ups: Help popups provide help text in context in the Controller UI. By default, they are enabled. To prevent help popups from appearing in the UI, clear this checkbox. Alternatively, you can prevent individual popups by selecting the Don't Show Again checkbox when the popup appears. To clear the list of popups marked as "Don't Show Again", click the Reset All button. 
  • Graph Color Scheme for the Metric Browser: Select either Light or Dark to change the metric browser color scheme. 
  • Graph Color Scheme for All Other Graphs: Select either Light or Dark to change the navigation panel color scheme. 
  • Font: Determines the font type used in the UI. For screen text, the Controller UI uses a font set that it embeds by default. If the operating system of the computer on which you access the Controller UI uses a non-English language, you can configure the UI to use non-English languages by setting the font to use system fonts instead. 
  • Mouse Wheel Legacy Mode: If scrolling in the Controller UI using your mouse scroll doesn't work properly, you should try enabling the Mouse Wheel Legacy Mode option. This may be necessary if accessing the Controller UI with certain older browsers.