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Comment: DOCS-1731


  1. Install the Standalone Machine Agent as described above.
  2. Edit the environment variables and options in the following service file as needed:

    No Format/etc/systemd/system/appdynamics-


    .service >> /opt/appdynamics/machine-agent


    : Specifies
    1. – Specifies where the Machine Agent files are located.
    2. JAVA_HOME
    : Specifies
    1. – Specifies the JRE the agent uses. The Machine Agent  bundles the JRE that we recommend you use, but you can use an existing JRE. (1.7 or higher for versions up to 4.3, 1.8 or higher for version 4.4 and higher)
    2. User
    : This
    1. – This option in the service file specifies the system user to be used to start the Standalone Machine Agent. By default this is root.  AppDynamics recommends that you create a non-root user to run the machine agent. The new user needs to have read
    1. access to controller-info.xml and write access to the log
    1. files. See Permissions for Non-Root User to Run the Machine Agent for more details.
    1. The systemd service file does not include the "MACHINE_AGENT_USER" variable
    doesn't exist in the systemd service file
    1. .
  3. ExecStart: This option in the service file points to a script that starts the agent as a daemon. If you didn't install the machine agent in /opt/appdynamics/machine-agent, then change the path to <machine-agent-home>/scripts/machine-agent-daemon.
  4. Add the agent as a service. On the command line enter:

    No Formatsystemctl enable <machine-agent-home>Copy the  file as follows:
    cp <machine-agent-home>/etc/systemd/system/appdynamics-machine-agent.service \
  5. Enable the Machine Agent to start at system startup:
    systemctl enable appdynamics-machine-agent
  6. Start the agent service:
    No Formatsystemctl start appdynamics-machine-agent 
  7. Check the service status:
     systemctl status appdynamics-machine-agent

  8. Verify that the Agent is reporting to the Controller. See Verify the Standalone Machine Agent Installation.