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What is a Service Endpoint?

Sometimes as an owner of a specific component or service within a service oriented application, you need to monitor the component's performance outside the context of business transactions. Service endpoints in the AppDynamics application model enable you to focus on the metrics for a single component without upstream or downstream data.


  • For existing service endpoint detection rules, you can enable or disable the detection rule.
  • For servlet service endpoints, you can modify automatic naming as you would with servlet business transactions.

POJO service endpoints

For the Java Agent to detect POJO service endpoints, you must do the following:

  • Create at least one POJO custom service endpoint definition and enable it. The agent only detects POJO service endpoints for enabled custom service endpoint definitions.

  • Verify automatic discovery for POJO service endpoints is enabled. It is enabled by default.


    When you disable automatic discovery for POJO service endpoints, the agent doesn't detect custom service endpoints.

Asynchronous worker thread service endpoints

The Java Agent automatically detects asynchronous worker threads spawned within a transaction as service endpoints. The agent names worker thread service endpoints for the class name, for example "worker1". There is no end-to-end latency metric for worker thread service endpoints.

To disable worker thread service endpoints, register the enable-async-service-endpoints app agent node property with a value of "false". See App Agent Node Properties Reference.

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