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* Also see Controller Performance Profiles. The agent count requirements do not reflect the use of End User Monitoring (EUM). See Additional Sizing Considerations for more information about EUM. 
** When sizing in the Extra Large profile range or higher, contact your AppDynamics Technical Account Manager or the AppDynamics Support Team for assistance.

Note that the RAM recommendations shown here leave room for operating system processes. However, the recommendations assume that no other memory intensive applications are running on the same machine. The actual RAM allocated by the installer per profile size for the Controller application server and database in gigabytes are 1.6, 3, 12, 24, and 48, respectively. 

Similarly, the disk storage sizes shown in the table indicate the amount of space that must be available on the target machine. 

To complete an installation, the Controller installer requires there to be around 200 MB of free space available in the system-defined temporary directory, typically /tmp on Linux or c:\tmp on Windows. 

For information on hardware requirements for AppDynamics for Databases, see AppDynamics for Databases, Hardware Requirements.