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See Use a Custom Geo Server For Web EUM.


Hosting the JavaScript




File Yourself

The JavaScript agent consists of two files, adrum.js and adrum-ext.js. The first file is inserted into the page when it is downloaded from your web application. The second is loaded asynchronously by the first.  By default, the extension file is fetched the highly available Amazon CloudFront CDN infrastructure.

To host the JavaScript agent extension yourself, click Download adrum-ext.js.[version].jsthe JavaScript Agent Extension. You will get a version that is compatible with your version of the Controller.

Place the file in a Web container and enter the URL of the host in the JavaScript Agent Extension URL field below. If you saved the agent file in a directory, for example "js", include the directory name but do not include the filename of the actual agent extension as this may change with subsequent versions. AppDynamics will supply the name of the file when it processes the URL.

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Alternate EUM Data Collector Location