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  • Calibrate PHP Entry Point Detection

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  • Confirm that you have the right entry point for the start of your business transaction, see Organizing Traffic as Business Transactions.
  • Review the application architecture and make sure the expected business transactions are not part of another transaction in an upstream tier.
  • Review the existing rules and if necessary, modify them using one or more of the following techniques:
    • Combine business transactions using custom match rules.
    • Exclude some entry points.
    • Create and fine-tune custom match rules to define entry points precisely.

There is a default limit of 50 business transactions per agent and 200 business transactions per application. If you need to increase the limits, set it in the max-business-transactions property in <php-agent-root>/proxy/conf/app-agent-config.xml. There is a hard limit of 100 business transactions per agent.


The following flow chart suggests a process for analyzing your entry point detection scheme.