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  1. Shut down the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service.
  2. Open Edit the config.xml file as administrator and edit the file as follows:

    Windows Server 2008 and later


    Windows Server 2003

    %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\AppDynamics\DotNetAgent\Config\config.xml

    an administrator. See Where to Configure App Agent Properties.

  3. Add the Performance Counters block as a child of the Machine Agent element.

    Code Block
        <perf-counter cat="" name="" instance=""/>
  4. Create a Performance Counter element for each performance counter you want to add. Use any of the performance counters as specified in Performance Counters in .NET Framework.

    • Set the cat attribute to the category of the performance counter.
    • Set the name attribute to the performance counter name.
    • Set the instance attribute to the of the performance counter.

    (info) If a particular performance counter has many instances you can specify the following options:

    • instance ="*" OR
    • instance ="all" (This will report the sum of all instances)

    For example, to add the performance counter for measuring CPU Idle time(%), add the following element in the <perf-counters> block:

    No Format
    <perf-counter cat="Processor" name="% Idle Time" instance="_Total"/>
  5. Save the config.xml.
  6. Start the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service.