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A remediation action runs a local script in a node. The script executes on the machine from which it was invoked or on the node specified by the remediation action configuration. You can use this type of action to automate your runbook procedures.


1. Follow the instructions in To create an action, selecting Remediation->Run a script or executable on problematic Nodes in the Create Action window.
2. Enter a name for the action.
3. In the field that terminates the Relative path to script entry, enter the rest of the path to the executable script.
Remediation scripts must be stored in a sub-directory of the machine agent installation. The sub-directory must be named "local-scripts". The following paths are all valid:

No Format



1. Select Execute Action on Affected Nodes.
2. Enter the percentage of the nodes or the number of nodes on which to run the script.


New in 3.7.9
1. To designate the specific node on which to run the script, select Execute Action on Specified Node.
2. Click Select Node.
3. From the popup node browser select the node on which the script should run.
4. Click Select.
The selected node is displayed in the Configure Action window.
5. Click Save to save the configuration.
Click Change if you want to designate a different node.