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Machine Agent Metrics

By default, AppDynamics Machine Agent reports metrics for only 'external' network mounted and 'real' disks (network and local)local disks. Also, only the external network traffic is aggregated (to ensure backward compatibility with previous versions of AppDynamics).


AppDynamics creates this file in the <Machine_Agent_Directory><machineAgent install directory>/monitors/JavaHardwareMonitor/ directory when the Machine Agent starts up for the first time.


A sample task-template.xml file is given below:


Code Block

    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">sunrpc</disk>
    <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/sdb1</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">proc</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">none</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">devpts</disk>
    <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/sda1</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">nfsd</disk>
    <disk aggregate="true" enabled="true">/dev/mapper/saas4-binlog</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">sysfs</disk>
    <disk aggregate="false" enabled="false">tmpfs</disk>

    <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">lo</network>
    <network aggregate="true" enabled="false">sit0</network>
    <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">eth0:1</network>
    <network aggregate="true" enabled="true">eth0</network>
    <network aggregate="true" enabled="false">eth1</network>