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One or more machines (real or virtual) constitute the hardware and operating system on which your application runs. Machines can be instrumented by an AppDynamics machine agent, which collects data about machine performance and sends it to the Controller.

AppDynamics Web EUM

AppDynamics Web End User Experience Monitoring (Web EUM) allows you to see how your web application is performing from the point of view of your end user.  You can answer questions like: Which 1st or 3rd party Ajax or iframe calls are slowing down page load time? How does server performance impact end user experience in aggregate or in individual cases?  You can drill into the data to explore how users experience your application in their Web browsers.

AppDynamics Mobile APM

Mobile Application Performance Management (Mobile APM) provides visibility into the end-user experience of your mobile users. If you have also instrumented your application servers, you can get end-to-end visibility from the mobile device all the way to multiple tiers on the server-side.

AppDynamics for Databases

AppDynamics Pro along with AppDynamics for Databases gives you end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications, helping you dramatically reduce the time it takes to find and fix database performance issues.

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