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2.9.x Documentation

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Comment: changing Microsoft SQL Azure details


  • Databases: DB2, GreenPlum, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure Database, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle RAC, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, and Sybase IQ
  • Servers: Linux Server, Solaris Server, and Windows Server
  • Storage: NetApp and NetApp E-Series

Note: Monitoring Microsoft SQL Azure databases is accomplished through the Microsoft SQL Server Collector.

Add a Collector

  1. Click Main Menu->Setup->Add Collector.
  2.  Complete each field of the Add New Collector window and then click Add Collector.
  3. After you add a collector, the new collector appears on the Collector Administration window. 


  • Database Collectors: DB2, mongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure Database, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Sybase ASE
  • Server Collectors: AIX Server, Linux Server, Solaris Server, or Windows Server
  • Storage Collectors: NetApp, NetApp E-Series


  • For versions prior to 2.9: Enter the name exactly as it is appears on the license.  
  • For versions 2.9 and higher: Enter a name of your choice.
  • For Microsoft SQL Azure, specify "SQLAzure" in the Name field.