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    Appd table filter
    ALERT-2307Controller - Alerting & RespondImport of Action API fails with an error "Could not import Actions: Transaction marked for rollback."20.4.0
    ALERT-4482Controller - Alerting & RespondAction suppression with object scope set to 'node' resets to scope 'application' when saved20.4.0
    ALERT-6028Controller - Alerting & RespondRemove Alerting Template RBAC constraints20.4.2
    ALERT-6067Alerting & RespondUpgrade the C3P0 library in the Controller to version
    ALERT-6216Alerting & RespondAlerting template gets caught in queue and does not get applied20.4.5
    ALERT-6366Alerting & RespondEditing or deleting custom roles for Alerting Templates causes the error CONFIG_ALERTING_TEMPLATES_PLANS doesn't exists20.4.8
    AMCSEV-289Controller UILimit exception logging in the "Service Endpoint Definitions" cache refresh task20.4.0
    AMCSEV-544Controller UISnapshots link broken in the the "Transaction Snapshots" UI when RSD V2 is enabled20.4.6
    ControllerSQL data collectors are not enabled for Analytics when saved from new HTML screens20.4.0
    ControllerCannot save Analytics searches if the search name exists in another account20.4.0
    Controller UINo access to Mobile Code Issues event type on Analytics search screen20.4.0
    ControllerOption to create SQL Data collector from APM snapshot is missing from 4.5.10 Controller version20.4.0
    ANLYTCS_ES-3437Events Service

    Update the Controller to use the Events Service, which has upgraded or removed the following libraries:

    • Quartz 2.2.3 to 2.3.2
    • DropWizard 1.2.0 to 1.3.23
    • Jetty 9.4.7.v20170914 to 9.4.18.v20190429
    • Argparse4j 0.4.3 to 0.8.1
    • Groovy 2.2.0 to 3.0.3
    • Jackson 2.8.11 to 2.9.10
    • Jackson Databind to
    • C3p0 (Removed)
    • Elasticsearch (Removed Groovy plugin)
    • Zookeeper (Removed)
    20.4.3ANALYTICS-12689AnalyticsUnable to create business journeys as Business Transaction dropdown does not list all the available BTs within an application20.4.4ANALYTICS_ES-3495Events ServiceClient timeouts occur on on-prem controllers leading to index compaction fails, further resulting in index sizes growing to a large extent20.4.4
    ControllerExcessive logging of error messages has been fixed20.4.0
    Controller UIFilters for Transaction Snapshots has been fixed and is working correctly20.4.0
    In some rare cases, overly long sessions were recorded due to spurious starting timestamps
    AppD sessions do not end post 10 mins inactivity as per the defined timeout, leading to long-running events20.4.0
    CDM-6198Mobile RUM

    "Crash Snapshot Details" dialog fails to open

    CLUSTERMON-868ControllerSome cluster agent metrics are listed even when there are not enough Server Visibility licenses20.4.0
    CLUSTERMON-1177ControllerHigh load on Controller when monitoring the deleted and the succeeded pods in a cluster20.4.0
    Cognition Engine
    Controller UISelecting the business transaction in filters does not change the list of violations20.4.0
    Cognition Engine
    Controller - Anomaly DetectionVariables are not being replaced with values intermittently, within an email template for anomaly events20.4.0
    COGENG-703Cognition EngineUI doesn't invoke the API to plot the abstract syntax tree (AST) graph intermittently20.4.6


    Database Visibility
    ControllerThe hardware metrics are not captured on the MS SQL database dashboard or on the Metric browser when using a custom cluster20.4.0
    Database Visibility
    ControllerThe controller displays access key mismatch event when the database agents start with license rule access key20.4.0
    Database Visibility
    Controller UIThe details pane on the Queries Statistics Report page is too small to view the data20.4.0
    Database Visibility
    ControllerRemote DB Service with meta-info 'jdbc|db|adodotnet' cannot be mapped to a database collector20.4.0
    DBMON-6628, DBMON-6641
    Database Visibility / Network Visibility
    ControllerMissing the database nodes in "Network Dashboard" flow map20.4.0, 20.4.2
    DBMON-6671Database VisibilityRemove DBMon Service related dependency from the Controller20.4.3DBMON-6695Database VisibilityUpgrade the 'mysql-connector' Java library to 8.0.20 for the DB Mon Service20.4.3DBMON-6717Database VisibilityMessage "Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status. Connect or learn more" displayed when on database license is present20.4.3
    DIAGPLAT-58ControllerOptimizing EventManagerBean.getEventDetailsInBatch to prevent Internal Service and Event details errors20.4.0
    DIAGPLAT-425ControllerReceiving 500 internal errors when attempting to view snapshots in an application20.4.0
    DIAGPLAT-665ControllerUpgrade the H2 database engine library to 1.4.20020.4.3DIAGPLAT-668ControllerUpgrade the Apache Commons library 'beanutil:1.8.3' in the Controller to 1.9.420.4.3DIAGPLAT-682ControllerUpgrade the 'mysql-connector' Java library to 8.0.20 in the Controller20.4.3EUMPLAT-816EUMChange controller API to accommodate the new fields in EUM usage trend API20.4.3EUMPLAT-813, EUMPLAT-824ControllerUpgrade the library 'jackson-databind' to 2.11.0, and the libraries 'dropwizard-core' and 'dropwizard-validation' to 1.3.23 in the EUM client for the Controller20.4.3JAVA-7530ControllerUpdate the Java Agent to 20.4 in the Controller20.4.3
    L4A-10645AuthenticationSAML encryption key is updated when a role is deleted20.4.0
    L4A-11010AuthenticationLDAP TLS client contexts should default to the newest TLS version supported by the Controller's bundled JRE20.4.0
    L4A-11361AuthenticationNested group functionality not working20.4.0
    L4A-11846AuthenticationReset password button is disabled20.4.0
    L4A-12066AuthenticationOptimizing LDAP sync 20.4.0
    L4A-12509AuthenticationLDAP sync fails while updating user outside of session20.4.3L4A-12613AuthenticationController "License" page shows the wrong values for browser and mobile usage20.4.3L4A-12702AuthenticationUpdate the OneLogin SAML version to 2.5.0 in the Controller20.4.3
    METADATA-8112Dashboards and ReportsShow error in Controller UI when a user doesn't have permission to create dashboards20.4.0
    METADATA-8228Controller - PlatformThe CustomDashboardImportExportServlet no longer writes a reply to the client before committing the transaction20.4.0
    METADATA-9121Controller - PlatformUpgrade the libraries apache-tomcat to 9.0.31, dropwizard-validation to 1.3.2, and mysql-connector-java to 8.0.20 for the Controller20.4.3METADATA-9150Controller - PlatformUpgrade the 'mysql-connector' Java library to 8.0.20 in modules of the Controller20.4.3METADATA-9169Controller - PlatformUpgrade the 'dom4j' library to 2.1.3 in the GlassFish application server of the Controller20.4.3METADATA-9221Controller - PlatformNo snapshots are created because the ADD stacktrace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.4.7METRICSVC-5470Controller - PlatformHTTP thread pool saturation and UI downtime throwing the error "java.util.concurrent.CancellationExceptions"20.4.5
    MQS-1028MetadataExpression widget with business transactions with MetricHierarchy shows no data20.4.0
    MQS-1156MetadataThe Metric Hierarchy insertion is split into partitions20.4.3
    REPORTS-591Reports ServiceApplication Health Reports show APPDYNAMICS_INTERNAL_DIAGNOSTICS events20.4.0
    REPORTS-755Reports ServiceRemove older unused version of the AppDynamics Node.js Agent from the Reports Service bundle20.4.3
    SERVER-6833Controller UI
    Server page displays total number of servers in the bottom right footer20.
    SERVER-7505Controller - Machine AgentAppDynamics Agents UI displays 'java.lang.NullPointerException' error for 'Machine Agents20.4.0
    SERVER-7725Controller - Machine AgentMachine Agent reports data continuously, but health rules on those metrics remain in a "Cancelled" status20.4.0
    SERVER-7855Controller - Machine AgentMetric hierarchy REST API returns empty response for Root|* in hierarchy path20.4.0
    SERVER-8249Controller UIOS icons are not displaying properly on on-premises Controller UI20.4.0
    SERVER-8255ControllerUpgrade the Apache 'commons-httpclient' library used by the Controller to version
    SVCMON-639ControllerCreating a business transaction group causes a NullPointException20.4.0
    SYNTH-5024ControllerSynthetic Private Agent license usage for SaaS customers is incorrect20.4.0
    UIPLATF-9947Custom DashboardsCustom Time Range Seems To Be Broken20.4.0
    UIPLATF-6208Custom Dashboards Absolute Layout: Widgets aren't saved correctly after creation20.4.0
    USERIMPACT-258ControllerReadonly users cannot access Experience Journey Maps UI20.4.0

    On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues

    Appd table filter
    BRUM-5973EUM ServerMethod needed to specify domains or subdomains when setting the "access-control-allow-origin" HTTP header
    CDM-6234EUM ServerChange default ANR threshold value when AnrSeverityThresholdConfig is missing20.4.1
    ECONSOLE-2824Enterprise ConsoleIf error occurs, Enterprise Console job fails immediately instead of waiting 45 minutes20.4.0
    ECONSOLE-5553Enterprise ConsoleA check was added to the AWS Controller installation with Aurora to help prevent database misconfiguration20.4.0
    ECONSOLE-5779Enterprise ConsoleController installation no longer fails due to timeout20.4.0
    ECONSOLE-5933Enterprise ConsoleUpgrading Controller from 4.5.x to 20.3 fails with 'mysql_upgrade' version check failure20.4.0
    ECONSOLE-5979Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the 'mysql-connector' Java library to 8.0.2020.4.3
    ECONSOLE-5983Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the dropwizard-validation and dropwizard-core libraries to 2.0.8 for the Enterprise Console20.4.3
    ECONSOLE-5987Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the 'jinjava' library to 2.5.3 for the Enterprise Console20.4.3
    ECONSOLE-5991Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the 'okhttp' Java library to
    ECONSOLE-5995Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the Apache 'tomcat-jdbc' Java library to 9.0.3120.4.3
    ECONSOLE-6000Enterprise ConsoleUpgrade the 'dom4j' Java library to 2.1.320.4.3
    ECONSOLE-6014Enterprise ConsoleRetain the setting 'internal_tmp_disk_storage_engine=MYISAM' in the 'db.cnf' file through the upgrades of the Controller and MySQL20.4.3
    ECONSOLE-6045Enterprise ConsolePurge script to remove unused artifacts from a prior Enterprise Console installation20.4.3
    EUMPLAT-778EUM ServerMobile Dashboard fails to load20.4.1
    EUMPLAT-790EUM ServerLicense Service keeps making calls for individual account usage and terms20.4.1
    EUMPLAT-800EUM ServerMore usage data needs to be included into the EUM Usage Trend API20.4.1
    EUMPLAT-902EUM ServerUse jetty-util 9.4.18 to resolve the issue upgrading SSLContextFactory20.4.2
    SYNTH-5140Synthetic Private AgentFirefox measurements fail for some specific URLs20.4.0