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Server Monitoring Metrics Reference



Server Network



To access the Server Network Window

From From the AppDynamics Controller top navigation bar, click Servers. On the Servers list double-click a server name and then click the Network tab.

Server Network



On the Server Network window tab for the selected server you can:


    • maximum transmission unit (MTUor size (in bytes) of the largest protocol data unit that the network interface can pass
    • speed of the ethernet connection in Mbit/sec
  • See the View network throughput in kilobytes/sec and how many packets/sec were sent and receivedpacket traffic.
  • Change the time period of the metrics collected and displayed.
  • Hover over on any point on a chart to see the metric value for that time.
titleNo metrics showing?

Network device speed cannot be found for some devices and some Linux versions.

Metrics on the Server Network Window

The following describes the columns available for the Servers Network window.