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titleBaseline Percentages

The "baseline percentage" is the percentage above or below the established baseline at which the condition will be triggered. If, for example, you have a baseline value of 850 and you have defined a baseline percentage of "> 1%", then the condition should trigger if the value is > [850+(850x0.01)] or 859.  In addition, in order to prevent too small sample sets from triggering health rules violations, these rules are not evaluated if the load (the number of times the value has been measured) is less than 1000. So if, for example, a very brief time slice is specified, the rule may not violate even if the conditions are met, simply because the load is not large enough.

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Using Health Rule Conditions to evaluate agent availability metrics can result in false positives. For example:

  • Agents may not be connecting with controllers due to communication errors for a couple of minutes.
  • Data may be delayed for a couple of minutes due to latency issues.

You can avoid occasional 1-2 minute metric loss due to network issues or late arrival by configuring your Health Rule as follows:
  1. Use the last 5 minutes, with a wait time of 10 minutes.
  2. Select Node Health as the Type.
  3. Select Agent|App|Availability or Machine Availability (for machine agent) as the Business Transaction Metric.
  4. Set your condition to be the Sum of < Specific Value of 3.

This will generate a violation when the agent is down for more than 2 minutes in the last 5 mins.

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