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In all deployment scenarios, to use AppDynamics Application Analytics, you must enable the Analytics Agent-side components.This section describes the steps to set up each component. Select the components you need based on your requirements. 


  • Have a separate Application Analytics license.  See Application Analytics Licenses for more information.
  • Enable the Analytics Agent.
  • Enable Analytics on the Controller.

Changing Java Virtual Machine Options (Standalone Analytics Agent Only)


You do not need to modify JVM options if you bundle the Analytics Agent with the Machine Agent.

JVM Options

If you need to change any JVM start-up options, use a text editor to modify <analytics-agent-home>\conf\analytics-agent.vmoptions. Note that the vmoptions file name is read from the properties file: ad.jvm.options.name=analytics-agent.vmoptions. So, if you change the vmoptions file name then you need to change this property as well.