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    A machine has a Standalone Machine Agent and an App Server Agent running together, but the agents report to different nodes. When you look in the Metric Browser, for example, application metrics appear under node abc but machine metrics appear under node


    Make sure that the  

    First, check to see if the hostnames match. If they don't:

    1. Set the <unique-host-id>


    1.  for the


    1. Machine Agent


    1. to the same <unique-host-id> as the App Server Agent.
    2. Restart the Machine Agent to apply the previous changes.

    The <unique-host-id> for the App Server Agent on the Machine Agent and the <unique-host-id> for the App Server Agent must match exactly. These settings are case-sensitive and ensure that both agents report metrics to the same node. 

    To verify that the hostnames match:

    1. Click the gear icon () in the Controller menu and choose AppDynamics Agents.
    2. Select the the Machine Agents tab tab.
    3. Check


      the Applications


       field for the agent name

      If the field says (not associated with any applications), you need to set the  <unique-host-id> for the Standalone Machine Agent to the same ID used by the corresponding App Server Agent. This ensures that both agents report metrics to the same node.

      In addition, for consistency in naming in the Servers tab, use the <machine path> attribute to set the hostname. By using the machine path, you don't have to use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for some agents, and the hostname for others. The reported hostname is still available to view by checking the option in the Agents Admin view.

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    4. Check the ID for the App Server Agent:
      1. Go to the the App Server Agents tab tab.
      2. Search for the App Server Agent to which you want to associate the Standalone Machine Agent.
      3. Check the the Unique Host ID field  field for the App Server Agent installed on that machine.  
    5. Set the  the <unique-host-id> for the Standalone Machine Agent to the same <unique-host-id> as the App Server Agent.
    6. Restart the Standalone Machine Agent . You must do this to apply the previous changes.