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The following table describes when you need to configure each Java option. 

CalloutOptionWhen needed?
Image ModifiedLocation of the Java AgentAlways
Image ModifiedAppDynamics packages as system packages 

If using an OSGi-compliant version of JBoss, including: 

  • AS 7.x+
  • EAP 6.x+
Image Modified

Log manager settings, which include:

  • Location of the log manager JAR file (as a -Xbootclasspath argument) 
  • Package name for the log manager (org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager) added as a system package

If using:

  • AppDynamics Agent version 3.9 or later
  • An IBM JVM
  • A Sun JVM with Remote JMX (note that this requirement is not related to the AppDynamics Java Agent)

The Quick Install section describes how to configure the settings in the standalone startup script. But the exact file where you configure the settings depends on the operating mode of JBoss, its version, and even practices that are specific for your organization and environment.