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You must update the address that agents use to send their beacons to the EUM Server based on your configuration. For Browser Real User Monitoring, the Controller updates the JavaScript agent.  Simply re-download and deploy it, as described in Set Up and Configure Browser RUM. For Mobile RUM, the mobile applications themselves need to updated, using the mobile SDKs. For more information, see Customize the Android Instrumentation (Old) and Customize the iOS Instrumentation.


You can also start and stop the EUM database. On Windows, you can do so from the Windows Services.

On Linux, you can start MySQL by navigating to the directory, <EUM>/orcha/orcha-master/bin, and running: 

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./orcha-master -d mysql.groovy -p ../../playbooks/mysql-orcha/start-mysql.orcha -o ../conf/orcha.properties -c local