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SectionUI Collector Configuration Field NameJSON Collector Configuration Field Name
  id (AppDynamics assigns this ID to the Collector when you configure the Collector. You need this ID when doing a batch delete.)
 Database Type type
 Database Agent agentName
 Database name
Connection DetailsHostname/IP Address hostname
 EnterpriseDB enterpriseDB
 Failover PartnerfailoverPartner
 Listener Port port
 Custom JDBC Connection String customConnectionString
 Use Service NameuseServiceName
 Connect as a sysdba connectAsSysdba
 Username  hostUsername
 Logging Enabled 
Hardware MonitoringMonitor Operating SystemenableOSMonitor
 Operating SystemhostOS
 Use Local WMIuseLocalWMI
 SSH PortsshPort
 Use certificatecertificateAuth
titleSSL field
In addition to JSON Configuration Fields listed above, there is also the ssl field. SSL is a configurable property for the Database Agent. If the Database Agent has been configured to use SSL, then you must also provide the ssl field and its value in your Database Visibility API calls.