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  • One for the virtual IP of the Controller pair as presented by the load balancer used by clients, such as App Agents, to access the Controller. (Callout  in the following diagram.)
  • Two IP addresses for each Controller machine, one for the HTTP primary port interface () and one for the dedicated link interface between the Controllers () on each machine. The dedicated link is recommended but not mandatory.  
  • If the Controllers will reside within a protected, internal network behind the load balancer, you also need an additional internal virtual IP for the Controller within the internal network (). 

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When configuring replication, you specify the external address at which Controller clients, such as app agents and UI users, will address the Controller at the load balancer. The Controllers themselves need to be able to reach this address as well. If the Controller will reside within a protected network relative to the load balancer, preventing them from reaching this address, there needs to be an internal VIP on the protected side that proxies the active Controller from within the network. This is specified using the -i parameter.