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  • Controller mode: This is the default mode where the Universal Agent retrieves and applies the rulebook stored and served by the Controller, controller-book.json. This rulebook is thus shared by all instances of the Universal Agent that are running in controller mode.
  • Local mode: Used for specific use cases, the Universal Agent applies a locally stored rulebook,  in in the Universal Agent home directory, that is specific to this instance of the agent and is not shared with other instances of the Universal Agent.

The rulebook directory, <universal_agent_home>/rulebook, resides on the machine where the Universal Agent is installed.

 The modes operate as follows: 

  • Controller mode:  The Universal Agent first tries to get the rulebook from the Controller. If successful, the Universal Agent writes the contents of the controller rulebook to its rulebook directory using the filename controller-book.json. If the Universal Agent can not get the rulebook from the Controller, it looks at the rulebook directory to see if an older copy of controller-book.json exists there. If a copy exists locally, it is used as the rulebook. Otherwise, the Universal Agent uses the default.json rulebook file from the rulebook directory; this is also the rulebook used if the Universal Agent can't connect to the Controller. 
  • Local mode: The Universal Agent reads a file named local.json from the rulebook directory and uses that file as the rulebook. Any rulebook from the Controller is ignored. 

    Local rulebooks are also located in the following the rulebook directory:

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    You can put the Universal Agent into local mode using the Universal Agent CLI. You can tell if the Universal Agent is operating in local mode by the presence of a local.json file in the rulebook directory. If present, the Universal Agent is in local mode; otherwise, it is in Controller mode.