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(New in 4.3.3) A JIRA action allows you to have AppDynamics automatically create a JIRA issue when an AppDynamics event is triggered. The event triggers an HTTP custom action for creating a JIRA issue. To use this action, you must first set up the Atlassian JIRA integration

JIRA Action Details

The JIRA action is based on templates, where each template can be preconfigured with the project, issue type, assignee, and priority. So when a JIRA action is triggered, it will create a ticket with those fields in it.


You can now associate a health rule with a policy that executes the JIRA action. The Atlassian JIRA integration must be set up for the alerts and policies to run.

See Integrate AppDynamics with Atlassian JIRA for more information on preparing JIRA actions.