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After moving the data to the new machine, why do I get a 443, permission denied error?

This can happen if port 443 is bound to some other application. Change the HTTPS port, for example, from 443 to 5443.

Can I take a hot backup and use that for the new machine?

You can perform the migration with data from either a hot or cold backup, but it is important to get the backup of the data directory from <controller_home>/db. However, AppDynamics strongly recommends that you perform a cold backup of the data.

A hot backup will not bring the Controller down for a long time, but you will still lose the data when you migrate. This is because hot backup will only have the data from the point that the hot backup started and not when it ended.

Do I need a new license if moving the Controller from a virtual to a physical environment?

If the physical machine has the same MAC address, you can reuse the license. If that is not the case, contact the contact to request a new license.