AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    Beta Disclaimer

    This documentation mentions features that are currently beta. AppDynamics reserves the right to change the features at any time before making them generally available as well as never making them generally available. Any buying decisions should be made based on features and products that are currently generally available.

    Tagged Metrics

    The Tagged Metrics panel enables you to aggregate all nodes in a tier based on a server tag (user-defined, or imported from AWS or Kubernetes) and then compare performance metrics between the node groups in one set of charts. For example, you can quickly compare the performance on all "blue nodes" and "green nodes" during a canary deployment.

    1. In the Controller left-side panel, select More > Tagged Metrics.
    2. In the Tagged Metrics panel, select the server tag and the tier of interest.
    3. Compare the response times, call rates and transaction outliers (errors, slow calls, very slow calls) between the tag-based node groups.

    The following chart shows how you can easily compare performance between different sets of nodes. For example, you want to analyze node performance for a tier with 26 nodes running v1 of the software, and one node running v2. You select the "version" tag, which represents a Kubernetes label. The charts show very clearly that the rate of slow and very slow calls has increased dramatically on the v2 node.

    Charts comparing node sets

    This feature is disabled by default.

    To enable Tagged Metrics:

    1. Log in to the administration console: http:<controller-hostname>:8080/controller/admin.jsp or https:<controller-hostname>:443/controller/admin.jsp
    2. In Controller Settings, search for "tagged.metrics.enabled" and set this field to true.
    3. In Account Settings:
      1. Select the account to enable.
      2. Under Account > Additional Properties, select Add Property, add the "tagged.metrics.enabled" property, and set it to true.
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