AppDynamics has identified an issue where Business Transactions have started reporting to all other traffic. This issue is occurring in the following application topology and configuration combination:

  1. The Controller has the Service Proxy feature enabled. This is the default behavior as of the 20.11 release. Previously, one could elect to enable this feature via a request to the AppDynamics Operations Team.

  2. The Business Transaction discovery is locked (BT Lockdown) in an application.

  3. The application where the BT lock is enabled has a Load Balancer (LB) as part of the topology.

Current Status

AppDynamics has identified the root cause as a bug in the Java agent and Java-based agents (version 4.5.19+), including PHP, Network Visibility, and the Dynamics agent for analytics. The fix requires AppDynamics to publish updated versions of these agents. Furthermore, the fixed versions for these agents need to be deployed in the customer production environments before the Service Proxy feature can be used again in combination with BT Lockdown enabled. As a precaution, we suggest disabling the Service Proxy feature for the time being to avoid any chance of lost visibility due to this issue.

Workaround - Disable Service Proxy

  1. Disable Service Proxy from the Administration Console. This step has already been performed for SaaS controllers. See Enable (Disable) Service Proxy Detection.

    1. backend.detect.loadbalancer.enabled = false

    2. backend.detect.urimisconfig.enabled = false

  2. In each affected Application, navigate to the Remote Services tab in the GUI and delete all Service Proxies (detected Load Balancers).

  3. In each affected Application, reset the app agents using the GUI. For more detail, see Manage App Agents.

  4. Wait 5 minutes.

  5. Change the Application view to “last 5 minutes.”

  6. Navigate to the Business Transactions tab and confirm that metrics are routed to their correct Business Transactions.

Updates and Timeline

We will provide regular updates on the progress to re-enabling the service proxy feature.