Application Performance Monitoring, Kubernetes®, and Infrastructure domains display these details: 

  • Entity typecallout 1—all entities of the named type.
  • Total entity countcallout 2—total count of all entities of named type.
  • Total entities by health statuscallout 3—color expresses health status; symbol size represents entity count for the health category.
  • Entity groupcallout 4—hovering enables group selection.

Entity Map

Click an entity to view a list of entity objects and Relationships. To select an entity group:

  • Click the name of an entity type.
  • Click the number representing the total entity count.
  • Select one health symbol, or hover and select a group of health symbols to view corresponding entities and metrics.
  • Within an entity group, click an entity symbol to view a list of entities with the same health status. 

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