Cloud Native Application Observability provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of the infrastructure running your applications. This solution, along with the OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications, provides full-stack observability and simplifies deployment.

By using Cloud Native Application Observability to observe the state of your systems, you can ensure the reliability of multiple metrics that impact your business. This enables collaboration between IT and business teams so that you can increase the performance, security, and stability of the transactions that have a significant impact on your operations.

The cloud monitoring solution for AWS:

  • Ingests data from Cloud Services automatically. For example, Amazon Web Services provides metrics for a better understanding of your resource availability and utilization.
  • Enables you to manage alerts based on infrastructure metrics and monitors the cloud service's health and performance.

Get Started

  1. Configure AWS Cloud Connections.
  2. When a cloud connection is set up, Cloud Native Application Observability begins pulling metrics associated with the cloud resources and populates the Observe page with entity-centric pages (ECPs). You can now monitor AWS Infrastructure Entities.

For information about user interface tools, see Understand the Observe UI.

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