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This document describes how to install and configure SAP monitoring using AppDynamics.

SAP monitoring components are:

  • SAP ABAP Agent: Responsible for business transaction monitoring (communication between SAP and external systems, like the AppDynamics Controller).
  • SAP Analytics: Responsible for collecting SAP-specific metrics, logs, and events.

Supported AppDynamics Controllers

The SAP ABAP Agent supports AppDynamics Version 4.4 and beyond. 

License Requirements

The purchase of one AppDynamics for SAP ABAP Agent covers the following licenses, but these must be generated and installed on the corresponding components.

AppDynamics Controller
  • One AppDynamics C/C++ SDK license for each SAP application server
  • One AppDynamics Machine Agent license for each SAP application server
Within SAPGUI configuration for licensing
  • One SAP Analytics (Datavard Insights) license for each SAP system

SAP Agent Architecture

The ABAP Agent uses the AppDynamics C++ SDK to report business transaction performance metrics and snapshots. The following diagram describes the communication between ABAP Agent and AppDynamics Controller: 

Install the SAP Agent

OS requirements

The AppDynamics HTTP SDK requires 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS. If the SAP application server runs on another OS, for example, AIX, install HTTP SDK on a separate machine.


Purpose of installationComponentsComponent description
Instrumenting the SAP systems


Connects the ABAP Agent and the AppDynamics Controller.
The ABAP Agent communicates with the HTTP SDK through HTTP protocol. HTTP Requests are mapped to functions from the AppDynamics C++ SDK library. The AppDynamics C++ SDK is included into the HTTP SDK and is used for communicating with the AppDynamics Controller, reporting business transaction metrics, dashboards, and so on.
ABAP AgentIntercepts HTTP and certain RFC calls. Detects business transactions, exit calls, and errors.
Collecting SAP system performance metrics and events

AppDynamics Standalone Machine Agent

Reports metrics and events to the controller.

SAP Analytics (Datavard Insights)

Schedules and collects the SAP-specific metrics and events.


Before you begin, verify the support for your application environment at SAP Supported Environments. 

Deploy SAP system using one of the following OS options:

  1. SAP application server running on supported OS (Linux or Microsoft Windows)
  2. SAP application server running on unsupported OS

Deploy SAP System on supported OS

Install the HTTP SDK locally on every server if all the SAP application servers are running on 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS. You can automate the local installation. See Automatic HTTP SDK installation. The ABAP Agent connects to the SDK using a local HTTP connection.

Deploy SAP System on unsupported OS

If the SAP application servers are running on unsupported systems, install the AppDynamics SDK on a separate 64-bit Linux machine (Gateway system) that is used as a proxy for all SAP application servers. 

The ABAP Agents communicate through HTTP connection with the HTTP SDKs on the Linux system. For every SAP application server, a separate HTTP SDK instance (process) starts on the Gateway system.

Following are the Gateway system requirements:

  • 64-bit Linux as Operating System
  • Physically close to the SAP systems to prevent latency issues
  • 512 MB RAM for each SAP system
  • Minimal disk requirements (logs)
  • Java 1.8 or newer (for SDK manager)

The AppDynamics Machine Agent also supports non-Linux operating systems, and can be installed on the SAP application server.

The SDK instance uses a unique port for HTTP communication with the ABAP Agent. The SDK Manager application manages SDK instances. This application allows remote control from the ABAP Agent. See 'SDK Manager'.


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