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ABAP Agent

ASM-314: ABAP Trace File Garbage Collector

ABAP Trace Files generated by ABAP Agent are now deleted on a daily basis by ABAP Agent Housekeeping job.

ASM-319: RFC Destination Blacklisting

RFC destinations used by ABAP Agent for exit call replication are now automatically blacklisted for 1 hour when the call to a remote ABAP Agent resource fails.

ASM-334: Analytics Agent Connection Settings

It is now possible to change Analytics Agent host and port that will be used by HTTP SDK / C++ SDK. See Connect to Analytics Agent.

ASM-356: Exclude User Names From Data Collectors

It is now possible to exclude SAP user names from business transaction snapshots. See Snapshot Settings.

ASM-365: Information About Missing ABAP / SQL Trace in Snapshots

When an error occurs during ABAP or SQL trace processing during a full business transaction snapshot, a data collector with root cause text is added to the snapshot instead, e.g. "User XYZ is not authorized to start ABAP trace", etc.

ASM-372: New ABAP Agent Authorization Roles

New ABAP Agent authorization roles were added. See SAP Authorizations.

ASM-317, ASM-330, ASM-364: Other minor improvements

Datavard Insights

ASM-273: BW Process Chains Monitoring

Metrics for monitoring SAP BW process chain performance and errors were added. AppDynamics Analytics is needed to use all features.

ASM-43: Server Level Metrics Support

Server level metrics are now collected and reported via the corresponding application server.

ASM-43: Dashboard Generator Improvements

New out-of-box dashboards were added. The dashboard generator now supports dashboards with server (node) level metrics.

ASM-320, ASM-368: Workload Statistics Monitoring

Replication of SAP Workload statistics into AppDynamics Analytics was discontinued. It was replaced by standalone collector with improved result granularity.

ASM-346: Background Job Monitoring Improvements

Work process information is now added to background job event details. It is now possible to populate custom placeholder fields with job report variant field values. See Performance Collector Settings.

ASM-277: Datavard Insights Connector Mapping Improvements

More details are now available in Datavard Insights Connector Mapping program (t-code /DVD/APPD_CC). See Datavard Insights Connector Mapping.

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-305: Internal ABAP Agent HTTP and RFC calls are now excluded from 'GUI Transaction' type BT data collectors
  • ASM-327: Improved enqueue handling and added safeguards to limit number of active ABAP Agent jobs
  • ASM-345: Traces are no longer collected under sessions without a user (when SY-UNAME is empty)
  • ASM-349, ASM-353: Added new checks to ABAP Agent settings import program
  • ASM-352: Units of measure were moved from data collector value field to name field, e.g. "DB time = 100 ms" changed to "DB time (ms) = 100"
  • ASM-359: Added safety cut-off limit to BT user data packaging logic
  • ASM-360: Fixed handling of custom OData match rules
  • ASM-369: SQL trace processing was adjusted to work correctly on newest S/4HANA releases
  • ASM-370: ABAP Agent application log handle buffer is now purged to prevent MESSAGE_TYPE_X runtime error in CRM systems
  • ASM-371: SDK Manager is now binding to all available network interfaces

Java Agent JCo extension

  • Logging improvements

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-331: PO (SAP AS Java) application servers are now detected correctly
  • ASM-367: Improved handling of Datavard Insights licenses
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