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ABAP Agent

Data collectors for SAPGUI transactions

Added support for SAP GUI data collectors. Now it's possible to record SAPGUI screen field values into the transaction snapshots.

If analytics agent is enabled, the data collectors are passed to the transaction analytics for all business transactions.

In addition, SAPGUI match rule now contains also function code as a filter, allowing to monitor individual actions on screen, e.g. "SAVE" button.

End-user monitoring for WebGUI (SAPGUI for HTML) applications

Browser instrumentation (Javascript agent injection) can now be enabled also for the WebGUI applications. Available only as of SAP 7.40 and higher.

Call graphs in ABAP agent

ABAP call graphs are now supported for snapshots which contain the ABAP trace. Currently not available for SAPGUI transactions.

IS-U: Business Transaction Detection for Customer Interaction Center

For SAP IS-U systems a new match rule type was added to enable business transaction splitting in the Customer Interaction Center (CIC0). Now it's possible to split the business transaction based on executed front-office processes.

Datavard Insights

BW Query Monitoring

Metrics for monitoring SAP BW query performance and errors were added. AppDynamics Analytics is needed to use all features.

Custom KPI Wizard for SQL based KPIs

A wizard application was added to simplify creation of custom KPI using SQL queries.

Dashboard Generator: Direct Upload to the Controller

The dashboard generator was extended to allow direct upload of the generated dashboards to the controller using using rest API. See Direct Dashboard Upload.

Java Agent JCo extension

  • Added new properties for RFC backends (System ID, number and client)
  • Added blacklist / white list of function modules to disable correlation with the backend, e.g. to prevent asynchronous stateless calls from crashing.
  • Added message size for PI data collectors
  • PI message queue displayed now as a separate tiers

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-239: Fixed issue causing SDK installation crashes
  • ASM-280: Data collector settings are now also included in the export/import customizing files
  • ASM-281: Fixed RFC correlation for STAD collector on SAP releases 7.52 and higher
  • ASM-299: Fixed bug for missing shortdump texts under non-English logon languages
  • ASM-300: Fixed issue with application log instrumentation, causing problems on shadow systems during the SAP upgrade
  • ASM-306: Fixed issue with Gateway instrumentation for operations mapped to RFC function modules
  • ASM-307: Fixed issue with backend name "HTTP_localhost", now detected with actual host name
  • ASM-310: Fixed STAD collector bug, which incorrectly matched BSP calls on CRM systems
  • ASM-312: Fixed issue where INTERNAL ERROR occurs when reading SQL trace
  • ASM-315: Fixed issue where WebGUI calls over HTTPS were not detected 

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-292: Fixed compatibility issues with SAP releases 7.53 and higher
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