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Data collectors for HTTP and OData requests

Added data collector functionality for extraction of HTTP request parameter, header, cookie and OData entity property values. See Configure Data Collectors.

Browser instrumentation for WebDynpro applications

Automated JavaScript agent injection was enabled for WebDynpro applications, for SAP NetWeaver 7.40 and higher.

Improvements of SDK status screen

Added buttons to (re)start and stop of SDK instances on all application servers at once, the user doesn't need to handle SDK instances one-by-one anymore.

The status checks of individual SDK instances are now running in parallel, what improves the overall response times of the checks.

Datavard Insights connector support for SAP PI 7.40 monitoring

In addition to monitoring of local SAP ABAP system, the Insights connector now also supports metric replication for external non-ABAP systems, e.g. SAP PI.

New SAP PI dashboards were added to the dashboard generator. 

Resolved Issues

Proxy authentication fixed for Analytics and Controller API

HTTP proxy credentials are now used correctly also for direct communication between ABAP and the controller, i.e. when calling Analytics API and Controller API.

SDK installer fixes

Fixed dump caused by missing authorization for OS level access.

Fixed incorrect error messages on first start of SDK installer.

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