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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics SAP monitoring version 4.5.1902.0.


SAP PI 7.40 Support

Added support for SAP PI 7.40 (Single JavaStack only) in JavaAgent JCo plug-in. 

HTTP and RFC adapters are supported for both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

SAP Fiori End-user Monitoring

Added option to specify the custom code snippet for JavaScript agent injection. See JavaScript Agent Customization

Export and Import of the ABAP Agent Settings

To accelerate the ABAP agent implementation on multiple SAP systems, you can export and import the ABAP Agent settings for Connections and Instrumentation through simple text file. See Export and Import ABAP Agent Settings

Resolved Issues

Improved SDK installation on Windows

SDK installer now detects OS-level issues such as insufficient PowerShell policy. Resolved the bug that caused incorrect SDK installation status.

General Fixes

Fixed the bug that caused HTTP malformed message error. Improved handling of special characters.

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